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Sunday, May 8, 2011


We, 3D Warfare, are starting a new movement within the Black Ops gaming community.

Say NO to FAMAS is a movement that wants to encourage FAMAS users to use something other than the FAMAS, like the Galil or AK47. It is a growing pandemic that ruins legit games, instead turning them into a game with the same weapon, making it boring.

All you need to do is put 'Say NO to FAMAS' somewhere in your bio. Together, we can encourage people to use different guns, and stop abusing the FAMAS.

Friday, April 29, 2011

MCT's Thoughts #5: First Contact

Discussion of bunnies is prohibited in this meeting.

This is going to be a quickie. Here are my thoughts on our first clan meeting.

Our first clan meeting, in my opinion, was a success. There were several factors in this, as well as the fact that almost all of the clan that was online during that time came, almost completely filling the lobby.

First of, we actually did do something in the meeting. Several members were promoted, including HaZz3, and ScRuB. Congratulations for reaching Corporal and Sergeant, respectively.

While there were some people that didn't follow conduct, people listened to the rules. We quickly resolved the small flame-war between the members (None of the participants shall be named.) that occurred when the meeting started. People actually stayed after the meeting to actually play the Clan Activities.

Let me give the breakdown for you: The first game we played was One in the Chamber. I easily won that one, with about 6-7 kills and two lives left. The next 3 games were quickscope matches, with the first one involving me involuntarily finishing the game without a "cool" kill. (I.E 360s.) The same thing happened in the 2nd match, but it involved J3eastRidTer this time. The game finally ended with MrSpeedyTurtle winning, if I remember. Then we played some of J3eastRidTer's Infection gametype (Which is really fun, by the way.) on Hanoi. Finally, we finished with a scrimage Domination game. We beat the opposition after a huge battle over B on Grid.

Okay, this wasn't really short, but who cares? I had fun in the 1st clan meeting. See you all at the next clan meeting, members.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

MCT's Thoughts #4: No One Wins!

You're all losers!

So me, J3eastRidTer, HaZz3, Bar, DarkPwner, and woofers13 were mostly dominating in Headquarters, so we thought that we should try Demolition. Bad call. Our first game of Demolition on Radiation featured a dreadful enemy: 15 prestiges with gold camo FAMAS.

We thought that maybe they were not going to be massive idiots, but we were wrong. We won the 1st round well enough. The defense round was horrible, with it turning into a massive grenade spamming on A. They managed to plant and spam enough 'sems and stuns that we lost the round.

The 3rd round was a hell-hole. Within 2 minutes, they started spawn camping. Literally, we spawned in their crosshairs. Before we knew it, they started sending SR-71s(Blackbirds) and Chopper Gunners at us. Thankfully, me and my Strela took them out.

We were dying one after another, when one of us suggested me to dashboard right when the game ended. Near the end, the enemy had 'gunners and dogs out, so I waited for the last 3 seconds, and....

No one won the game! My team mates were laughing, and I'm pretty sure the 15ers were pissed. Ah well, another day, another time for my shenanigans.

MCT's Trials: xEnRGxHaZz3x

Good game, bro.

Admittedly, I was nervous about going into this. You know why? Because I'm trying to go shameless. I get shamed when I get beaten. At least, that's how I describe it.

So what are the rules?
For Black Ops, the rules are:
1) No camping
2) No AK74U

Anything else goes. That's right. I don't care if you use Ghost, with AK47 grenade launcher, as long as it doesn't involve camping or the AK74Umad.

Nuketown: Semi-perfect 1v1 map. Actually, it's the only 1v1 map in Black Ops
The game started with me getting a 5 point lead. At this point, I thought that I had the 1v1 in the bag, I guess not. HaZz3 started rebounding, first with the MP5K before switching to the M14 with grip. And let me tell you, he's a crack shot with it. Sometimes when I surprised him, he still beat me. At this point in the game, he started catchin' up, turning my 5 point to a 2 point lead. However, solid trigger and semi-steady fingers won the battle, and the game ended with 1500 to 1400.
Good game HaZz3, you get the Trial Participant title. Congratulations. Brag about it.


Friday, April 22, 2011

3D Warfare is down for maintenance.

There are some kinks there, that's for sure.

Hey guys, we want to announce that we're doing some maintenance within the clan, so expect to see some more ranks in here next week.

Thanks for your patience,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MCT's Thoughts #3: And here's the rare M60 Noob...

This post totally doesn't detail a rage-inducing match...

Meet the... M60 Noob!

First of, let me say that this is one of the times where I hate Call of Duty: Black Ops. Frankly, it seems those times are increasing slowly. But I want to make a post about this one because it highlights one of the most underused over-powered guns in the game...


It wasn't just one person using it. It was a couple of people, and let me tell you, they camped more than you can camp on every pixel of the word 'camped.' The entire match was a fall from the get-go. The enemy team had 2 15 prestiges, both of them showing off their totally original colored clan tags, and they most likely were in a party together. Oh, did I mention camping?
Yeah, THAT campy.

The first loss, B, was quite a punch to our morale. The enemies really liked their stun grenades, I'll tell you that much. And it seemed the 15 pres. boys really liked their tactic, because that's all they do. Spam stuns, spam guns, kill remainders, repeat. This happened throughout the entire game. Did I mention that they had Flak Jacket?
Probably the face they had while playing this.
WRAP-UP: A was simply overwhelmed. The round ended in 3 minutes, with us down 0-1.

"These guys are pissing me the fuck off."

That quite illustrious quote quite summed the 2nd round up. I of course, went to the Team Player routine, which involved me going Strela on the guys. And good thing I did.
There were 2 more 'planes not seen in this.

So now we are on the offensive, and the enemies were M60ing harder than ever. No, seriously. B was already hard enough to take, with their good ol' camping ways killing us, but we barely managed to plant it and detonate. The enemies decided to use their most OP classes for A, but thankfully, me and Chaldo managed to start spawn camping them.
'What do you mean you don't like my hot dogs?"

Sadly, that spawn camping wasn't enough. When there were 30 seconds left on the clock, the enemy spammed every type of Spy Plane (2) out there, and they had beaten us back. The game ended right before one of us managed to plant.

WRAP-UP: We lost, 0-2.

If you're ever the non-Flak Jacket guy, run like hell in this situation.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MCT's Thoughts #2: All your HQs are belong to us...

Memes are fun to use, try them!

So just 5 minutes ago, me, woofers13, MrSpeedyTurtle, MrGreedyTurtle, and ChaldoKillz27 played an intense match of HQ on Firing Range. And by intense, I mean 250-0. Clean victory.

The game started out normally for us, fighting the enemy for the 45 precious seconds waiting for the HQ to come online. We started pushing pretty much when we started, with me doing a nice knife-n-knife in the middle building across from sniper tower. We quickly went to the HQ, and that's when I started going on a rampage.

Armed with several clips of my AUG, I was able (With woofers13 and ChaldoKillz27) to effectively make pretty much the entire enemy team ragequit. We then proceeded to continuously do this.

Capture HQ,
Steamroll enemy team,
reap the rewards,
team ragequits,
and we get a new batch of victims.

It had gotten so bad that for 6 or so seconds, the 'enemies forfeiting in 20 seconds' message popped up, making my day just that better.

WRAP-UP: Total domination.

- MrCreepyTurtle