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Monday, April 18, 2011

MCT's Thoughts #1: On Grunts...

Fuel Rod Grunts, Stop Terrorizing Me.


Seriously, every Gruntpocalypse match I go into, there's one thing I fear. The grunts with Fuel Rods. These guys are the bane of my grunt-killing ways. You don't know how many times I got single-handedly killed by one rod from them.

There's only one strategy that I use on this map:

Lo and behold, the right side spawn platform!

This is the spot where I stayed for most of the game. And surprisingly, I never got shot in the back. I guess the tactic of sitting there and occasionally running to the spawn for more DMR ammo is decent if you know where the enemies come.

Anyway, the match was mostly the same:
Go for headshots, avoid fuel rods, go back to get ammo, repeat for 8 minutes.

Notice the Fuel Rod Gun.

That's the only thing I go for. Killing. That. Sunuvabitch fuel rod guy. I don't care about the Grunt Hero, I care about the less-ranked explosives guy.

Actually no, that's a bad description, since Catch is on. And we all know what Catch does.

An unfortunate side effect of Catch.

WRAP-UP: All in all, simple match. Just looked around for those 'rod buggers.
Till next time, folks!


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