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Friday, April 29, 2011

MCT's Thoughts #5: First Contact

Discussion of bunnies is prohibited in this meeting.

This is going to be a quickie. Here are my thoughts on our first clan meeting.

Our first clan meeting, in my opinion, was a success. There were several factors in this, as well as the fact that almost all of the clan that was online during that time came, almost completely filling the lobby.

First of, we actually did do something in the meeting. Several members were promoted, including HaZz3, and ScRuB. Congratulations for reaching Corporal and Sergeant, respectively.

While there were some people that didn't follow conduct, people listened to the rules. We quickly resolved the small flame-war between the members (None of the participants shall be named.) that occurred when the meeting started. People actually stayed after the meeting to actually play the Clan Activities.

Let me give the breakdown for you: The first game we played was One in the Chamber. I easily won that one, with about 6-7 kills and two lives left. The next 3 games were quickscope matches, with the first one involving me involuntarily finishing the game without a "cool" kill. (I.E 360s.) The same thing happened in the 2nd match, but it involved J3eastRidTer this time. The game finally ended with MrSpeedyTurtle winning, if I remember. Then we played some of J3eastRidTer's Infection gametype (Which is really fun, by the way.) on Hanoi. Finally, we finished with a scrimage Domination game. We beat the opposition after a huge battle over B on Grid.

Okay, this wasn't really short, but who cares? I had fun in the 1st clan meeting. See you all at the next clan meeting, members.


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