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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MCT's Thoughts #2: All your HQs are belong to us...

Memes are fun to use, try them!

So just 5 minutes ago, me, woofers13, MrSpeedyTurtle, MrGreedyTurtle, and ChaldoKillz27 played an intense match of HQ on Firing Range. And by intense, I mean 250-0. Clean victory.

The game started out normally for us, fighting the enemy for the 45 precious seconds waiting for the HQ to come online. We started pushing pretty much when we started, with me doing a nice knife-n-knife in the middle building across from sniper tower. We quickly went to the HQ, and that's when I started going on a rampage.

Armed with several clips of my AUG, I was able (With woofers13 and ChaldoKillz27) to effectively make pretty much the entire enemy team ragequit. We then proceeded to continuously do this.

Capture HQ,
Steamroll enemy team,
reap the rewards,
team ragequits,
and we get a new batch of victims.

It had gotten so bad that for 6 or so seconds, the 'enemies forfeiting in 20 seconds' message popped up, making my day just that better.

WRAP-UP: Total domination.

- MrCreepyTurtle

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