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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

MCT's Thoughts #3: And here's the rare M60 Noob...

This post totally doesn't detail a rage-inducing match...

Meet the... M60 Noob!

First of, let me say that this is one of the times where I hate Call of Duty: Black Ops. Frankly, it seems those times are increasing slowly. But I want to make a post about this one because it highlights one of the most underused over-powered guns in the game...


It wasn't just one person using it. It was a couple of people, and let me tell you, they camped more than you can camp on every pixel of the word 'camped.' The entire match was a fall from the get-go. The enemy team had 2 15 prestiges, both of them showing off their totally original colored clan tags, and they most likely were in a party together. Oh, did I mention camping?
Yeah, THAT campy.

The first loss, B, was quite a punch to our morale. The enemies really liked their stun grenades, I'll tell you that much. And it seemed the 15 pres. boys really liked their tactic, because that's all they do. Spam stuns, spam guns, kill remainders, repeat. This happened throughout the entire game. Did I mention that they had Flak Jacket?
Probably the face they had while playing this.
WRAP-UP: A was simply overwhelmed. The round ended in 3 minutes, with us down 0-1.

"These guys are pissing me the fuck off."

That quite illustrious quote quite summed the 2nd round up. I of course, went to the Team Player routine, which involved me going Strela on the guys. And good thing I did.
There were 2 more 'planes not seen in this.

So now we are on the offensive, and the enemies were M60ing harder than ever. No, seriously. B was already hard enough to take, with their good ol' camping ways killing us, but we barely managed to plant it and detonate. The enemies decided to use their most OP classes for A, but thankfully, me and Chaldo managed to start spawn camping them.
'What do you mean you don't like my hot dogs?"

Sadly, that spawn camping wasn't enough. When there were 30 seconds left on the clock, the enemy spammed every type of Spy Plane (2) out there, and they had beaten us back. The game ended right before one of us managed to plant.

WRAP-UP: We lost, 0-2.

If you're ever the non-Flak Jacket guy, run like hell in this situation.


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