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Sunday, April 24, 2011

MCT's Thoughts #4: No One Wins!

You're all losers!

So me, J3eastRidTer, HaZz3, Bar, DarkPwner, and woofers13 were mostly dominating in Headquarters, so we thought that we should try Demolition. Bad call. Our first game of Demolition on Radiation featured a dreadful enemy: 15 prestiges with gold camo FAMAS.

We thought that maybe they were not going to be massive idiots, but we were wrong. We won the 1st round well enough. The defense round was horrible, with it turning into a massive grenade spamming on A. They managed to plant and spam enough 'sems and stuns that we lost the round.

The 3rd round was a hell-hole. Within 2 minutes, they started spawn camping. Literally, we spawned in their crosshairs. Before we knew it, they started sending SR-71s(Blackbirds) and Chopper Gunners at us. Thankfully, me and my Strela took them out.

We were dying one after another, when one of us suggested me to dashboard right when the game ended. Near the end, the enemy had 'gunners and dogs out, so I waited for the last 3 seconds, and....

No one won the game! My team mates were laughing, and I'm pretty sure the 15ers were pissed. Ah well, another day, another time for my shenanigans.

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